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-Planetary them vulnerable to life problems and / or afflictions are caused. Hence, the Vedic two-way application of the measures in the chart after diagnosis is problematic planetary influences.First, power is provided to the weak functional auspicious planets. Power in an auspicious time in various ways, such as stone, color therapy and Vedic mantra / can be provided by Vedic sacrifice. Secondly, functional malefic planetary malice concerning these planets is less than the offer of consolation. Two such applications malefic planetary influences to a large extent (s) to help reduce the impact. Vedic treatment using prevention and more useful for all its problems, the best Vedic astrological remedies can suggest remedial remedies.our best astrologer in India is over.

Generally, people have been trying all other therapies and preventive diagnostic power of astrology to ignore the distinct advantage after finally resorted to Vedic treatment. Needless to stress, preventive medicine / benefits of measures that more is always better therapeutic interventions o. The following Vedic treatment remedies- judicious mix is applied to both curative and preventive.

We can purify and enlighten our subtle body or the way yoga is the most important Upaye or treatment. It is commonly understood in the West, the word yoga as a form of physical exercise just do not understand. Physical practices or posture is a very important part of it, and they could bring significant changes in the subtle body and mind, even if the sum of the mind, emotions, subtle energies, actions, attitudes, practice meditation and a discipline Most important, a total surrender to God.

Yoga is the spiritual ignorance that goes to the source of human problems and the negative thoughts and behavior patterns that are associated with the planets gives you the tools to change. For each planet and indeed each planetary combination or astrologer reasonable sum, which find, and consultants that have given the right kind of spiritual advice for each individual chart positions.In some cases, it is more and more likely that this devotion to the pure and selfless love (bhakti yoga) may develop attention in other cases, postures or asanas, or different breathing exercises and breathing exercises to others , or may be the way karma yoga, selfless service and detachment in action Ganga yoga, Kundalini yoga or most probably a certain combination of multiple paths. All these teachings and techniques of Divine Mind and "religion" or a tune with the cosmic order, to bring them to a gross level of mind and emotions are based on the development of self-discipline.

Astrological remedy is a way to some form of penance. Penance or "tapas" to pay a karmic debt voluntarily accept a penance or to a form of self-restraint Haktapas power and ability will endure any difficulty in life, strengthens the mind. It's "like and dislike" of the conflict, the melody takes the mind away from Dwesha. Tapas "Tejas" or inner strength, sharp mind and achieve any desired position and ability to overcome any difficulty in life which bestows the five elements in mind and body becomes active. Instead what usually makes the mind, which is by all means any form of pain, tried to escape, yogis on himself takes up the challenge to become stronger. Tapas weak Tue or Sun on the horoscope, Saturn form of energy or strength to counteract any negative effects can be particularly powerful.

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