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Astrology horoscope Indian astrology or astrological Moon calendar is a system based on stars. The center is in the moon. The moon controls the mind and emotions. Moon is the fastest moving planet in amount and no event is possible without the support of the moon's. Those who know a bit of Western astrology is no aspect to the Moon, if an event will take place which means that in western astrology a 'zero' of course is the theory that there would know. The mind has given prime importance in Vedic astrology, the moon, controls, such as the two giants, but the moon is of equal importance.

Astrology horoscope : Chandra, depending on the degree, minute and second birth, the practice of Indian astrology to find those 'conditions' are widely used in the 'Al Firdaria' or 'Firdar' astrological system, as has been found in Persian, the planetary periods, as known. Most of the time everything can be divided into smaller molecules because in Indian astrology makes it very easy. Between all systems of astrology, Indian astrology is therefore considered more accurate for the time of its small section is the ability to partition.

Astrology Horoscope : There were two Ashtottari and Vimshottari most popular of which are arranged in various positions, but over a period of time, Vimshottari state system has taken on all other state systems.Vimshottari system trine aspects' is based on. Trine generates energy and Vimshottari a good or bad time to predict the best condition system stands out for having the luck factor rules it.

Developed by Tajiks Neelkanthi Varshphala has become an integral part of Indian astrology system. Western astrology, astrology, just like the moon, "Solar Return ', a feature, but Indian astrology system, based on factors such as Sneha and Vaira Drishtis more parameters. Similarly, in the western solar return luck, success, etc. to share part of the very high value - the only way to predict the next year will play a major role, in which the moon astrology system Sahams see. Muntha Varshphala system also has a very special characteristic.

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